More than 30,000 customers trust Mimecast’s cloud based email management services to secure their email. In addition to email security Mimecast offer a suite of solutions that have the capability to deliver operational benefits for their customers’ businesses.

Platform 365 has been an official Mimecast Partner since January 2015. We can coordinate and deliver a seamless Mimecast migration with ongoing management and training where required.

Email Security

Mimecast offers a gateway service for all inbound and outbound email on a variety of email services, including Office 365 and G Suite. This gateway provides the standard anti-virus and anti-spam filters. It also offers security for more advanced threats.

Common threats include ransomware, where data is encrypted and can only be accessed upon the payment of a ransom for its release. Directed threats, such as spear phishing and impersonation attacks, often involve the targeting of a specific individual for data theft or financial gain.

Research undertaken by Mimecast has uncovered the growing risk of internal threats to email security through careless users or malicious insiders. Mimecast threat detection includes scanning of internal activity to reduce threats from within the organisation itself.

Some of the key benefits of using Mimecast focus on reducing the risk of malicious email ever being delivered to the users’ inbox in the first place. Emails that are directly targeted at users trying to impersonate a colleague or co-worker can be intercepted or highlighted to the user as being high risk.

Users are then offered an opportunity to review higher risk emails that have been quarantined. This process enables Mimecast to learn and ensure that genuine emails are not blocked by accident. Using advanced anti-spam and virus filters, that scan for fake email addresses, malware attachments or malicious website addresses users’ inboxes should be more secure and significantly reduced.

Archiving and Continuity

Mimecast offer a secure and unlimited archive solution for both email and document storage.   This archive service delivers an impressive searchability and provides peace of mind that all emails are backed up and recoverable in the event of a business’s primary email server suffering a data loss.   The archive facility reduces cost, risk and complexity for companies by allowing users to access the email archive by traditional methods using a Mimecast plug in, via the Mimecast website directly or via the Mimecast mobile application on users’ phones.

In the event of a business’s email server being offline the Mimecast gateway will continue to allow users to send and receive emails whilst the email service is being restored. This provides a huge benefit for business continuity as companies rely heavily on email as their primary source of internal and external communication.

Administrators are provided with a web interface to manage the solution. This gives IT staff a large degree of control on targeting specific content that is of concern for their industry such as communication with competitors. It also provides a comprehensive report on organisation email activity such as inbound and outbound volumes by user and by recipient business.

Beyond the core features highlighted above the Mimecast solution provides a range of other options for companies to select from:-

  • Archive storage for general file structures and instant messages.
  • A stationary function to apply corporate logos and signatures to outgoing emails
  • A strip and link function where large files are delivered without attachments allowing users to select when they wish to receive a very large file
  • Unique to the legal profession is the ability to use the delivery receipt function as proof of receipt for legal document delivery.
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Services included:

  • Mimecast solution advice
  • Mimecast migration
  • Mimecast email system management
  • Mimecast training


Why Platform 365

Countless business hours can be consumed trying to manage issues with email management. Not forgetting the sleepless nights from worrying about the increasingly sophisticated threats testing your employees’ vigilance on a daily basis! As a trusted Mimecast partner Platform 365 can guide you to select the most appropriate Mimecast solution for your business, ensure a stress free migration to the new service and provide ongoing support and training.

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