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When IT works well it can have a transformational impact on a business (think Amazon or Uber). However when things start to go wrong it can be spectacular, and not in a good way (remember Ashley Madison?).

Inadequate IT systems

Many businesses struggle along with inadequate IT systems. Perhaps they are resigned to “making do” because they do not know any better or maybe they just do not have the skills or time to resolve the issues. The effect of inadequate IT support is that your business is disrupted. Productivity is down, employee morale is low, and the customer experience is not as satisfying as it should be.

Using IT to your advantage

In a perfect world all businesses should be using IT to their advantage. Utilising technology within an organisation makes it easier to interconnect, to drive efficiency and increase productivity through automation and collaboration. All of which will have a positive bearing on the bottom line as well as making customers and employees a whole lot happier.

A fully managed IT support service

With our fully managed IT Support service you will be able to have your own dedicated IT department, at a fraction of the cost. For a fixed monthly fee Platform 365 will provide a service that gives you the peace of mind that every aspect of your IT Infrastructure is in safe hands.

From the outset we will take the time to understand your business operation. We want to know about the challenges you face and your current and future objectives to ensure that we can provide the right level of IT support for your business. Our aim is to stop IT being a drain on resources and to help you use technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Worried about changing IT provider?

You may already be working with an IT support provider but are unhappy with the level of care and attention that you receive. It is common practice that many businesses put up with poor IT suppliers, adopting the “better the devil you know” stance. This can be down to thinking that changing supplier is a difficult process. This could not be further from the truth. Our tried and tested on-boarding process ensures there is no down-time and zero impact on your business if you move to Platform 365 for your IT support.

You can find out more by visiting our Changing IT Providers page or take a look at our testimonials to read what our clients have to say about working with Platform 365.

Our standard IT support service includes:

  • A fixed monthly fee, with no hidden costs
  • The Platform 365 help desk solution will be provided for direct call logging by end users
  • Unlimited remote/telephone support
  • Unlimited on-site support, as required, for issues requiring a physical presence
    24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Proactive security and patch management
  • Point of contact account management
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Third party liaison
  • Strategic guidance and ongoing consultancy
  • Standard service hours, from 8:00 to 18:00
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What we support:

  • Servers
  • Windows devices
  • Apple devices
  • Everything on your desktop
  • All network Infrastructure components
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Audio visual (AV) and video conferencing (VC)

Why Platform 365

Platform 365’s fully managed IT Support service is designed to put an end to operational issues detracting from the success of your organisation. Our aim is to give you the freedom to focus on what really matters within your business, secure in the knowledge that every aspect of your IT is operating at maximum efficiency.

Client Benefits

Why choose Platform 365 for your IT support?

Our team of client-focused, technical experts will be with you every step of the way on your IT journey.  You will come to regard us as an extension of your own team, providing the support to empower your business to grow and flourish.

“Your IT Team, when you need it”

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What Our Clients Say

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