Why every business needs great IT Support

Reliable and expert IT support will transform your business, increase productivity, eliminate down-times enabling employees to work more efficiently. And that means improving revenue, increased margins, and more effective, happy staff.

Minimise downtime

Solving technical issues and proactively monitoring your IT environment

Problem prevention

A pre-emptive approach, enabling you to get more from your IT

Reduce costs

Optimising your infrastructure and lowering your overhead costs

Improve data security

Keeping you compliant
and secure

Expert advice on tap

Our specialists can support
and guide you

Don’t struggle along with inadequate IT

Many businesses struggle along for years with inadequate IT systems and support. Perhaps they’re resigned to “making do” because they don’t have the time to make a change or know where to start. The result is that your business can be disrupted at any moment. Productivity is down, employee morale is low, and the customer experience is not as great as it should be. In our experience, only when there are serious problems that effect a business, is when we get a call for help. Why wait?

Use IT as your superpower, use it to your advantage

Utilising technology in any organisation makes it easier to interconnect, to drive efficiency and increase productivity through automation and collaboration. Let us help you on that journey to get the best out of your technology. Our collaborative approach with all our clients, ensures you get what’s right for you. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our clients say about us.

Professional and friendly IT support that’s fast and responsive 24/7

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support

Remove the stress in your business and let tech enable your business.



Making informed cost-effective purchasing decisions for the long-term.

Hardware maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

Protect your critical IT components to safeguard your business continuity.

IT Connectivity

Design and management, with access to all leading UK network providers.

Maximize Your IT Potential.
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Worried about changing your provider?

You may already be working with an IT support provider, but want to make a change – whatever the reason. Changing is not a difficult process – our tried and tested on-boarding process ensures there is no down-time and zero impact on your business if you move to Platform 365 for your IT support.

Co-managed IT support

We can work alongside your current IT team, helping them with support issues, providing the expertise that you don’t have in-house.

We become an integrated part of your team.

Every business is different, so we customise our approach depending on your needs.

No IT support

If you don’t have any formal support, or this is provided by an enthusiastic amateur in the team, we can work with you and members of your team to ensure you get the right mix of support.

No two business are the same, which is why we customise our approach to meet your needs.

Why choose Platform 365 for your IT support?

Our team of client-focused, technical experts will be with you every step of the way on your IT journey.  You will come to regard us as an extension of your own team, providing the support to empower your business to grow and flourish.

“Your IT Team, when you need it”

What Our Clients Say

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We leverage our expertise to support you every step of the way, ensuring the job is done right – starting from the initial consultation and continuing seamlessly into your daily operations.