How well does your current broadband service meet your school’s connectivity requirements?

Want your pupils, teachers and support staff to experience faster broadband, world-leading web filtering and unparalleled network security? Then you need to consider working with specialist schools broadband services provider Schools Broadband and Platform 365.

Schools Broadband Partner

Broadband for Schools

Schools Broadband is a specialist internet service provider working exclusively with clients in the education sector. Platform 365 has been selected as a Schools Broadband Support Partner for primary and secondary schools located in London and South East.

Your school can now benefit from this perfect combination of award winning broadband connectivity services and business class IT support.

With Schools Broadband your school can select from a range of options to create a connectivity solution tailored to your current and future requirements. It is a very simple and straightforward proposition.

Primary schools

If you are a primary school you can choose your connection option from a range of five different technologies, from ADSL all the way up to Giga fibre. Your choice of connection will be dictated by your school’s requirements for download/upload speeds and your budget.

The next step is to decide which filtering and security packages you would like to have. The cloud-based education specific web filters used by Schools Broadband, keep your school fully Prevent Duty compliant and their award-winning hosted firewalls provide some of the best protection in the world against cybercrime.

The final step is to choose an email management or hosting services.

Building your connectivity package is a really easy process and one that will ensure you are only paying for services that your primary school actually needs, meaning it is highly cost effective.

Secondary schools

For secondary schools all connections are made via a leased line which provides your school with a dedicated internet connection rather than a shared connection. There is an option to choose a second connection for extra resilience and peace of mind.
You can then select the level of filtering and security that you would like. This decision will be determined by the level of security required and whether you are part of a multi-academy trust (MAT). Each of the four options available includes free set up and there is no requirement for capital expenditure or per user licencing. You can also opt for additional security resilience if required.

Next step is to decide whether to manage your system internally or outsource to Platform 365, in our capacity as a Schools Broadband Support Partner. This decision will be influenced by the level of IT expertise, specifically network and security engineers, you have within your school or MAT.
Finally you can decide if you would like to sort out your own email, domain and web hosting or if you would prefer Schools Broadband to manage this for you. Again this will be decided by the availability of internal resource and your budget.


Transparent pricing is an integral part of the Schools Broadband approach. All pricing is based on a flat rate for the whole year, making it easy to budget and ensuring you have no unexpected bills.

Platform 365’s role as a Support Partner

Schools Broadband have brought together the best applications and tools in the industry to provide schools and MATs with a tailored, award-winning service that utilises cutting-edge technology.

Platform 365’s role as a Schools Broadband Support Partner is to ensure that this level of excellence permeates through to the practical implementation and ongoing management of the connectivity solutions that you have selected. We will help you to determine the most appropriate connection and firewall options for your school and be involved in the set up process.

If you opt for a fully managed system we will look after the operational aspects to ensure it is running efficiently. Support will be provided through our helpdesk so that you have a single point of contact. Our team will be on hand to offer advice in the event of a network hack or attack and we will also carry out an annual security health check.

Our skilled and friendly IT professionals not only know their stuff they appreciate the constraints facing schools. They have a pragmatic approach and they know how to communicate – quite rare qualities in IT!

Our aim is to provide you with local support when you need it. Check out our testimonials to see what our clients in the education sector have to say about working with us.


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