The impact of technology is making a difference everywhere and primary schools are no exception. From the access control systems to enter the buildings to the mobile devices used by pupils in the classroom, technology is driving the way that schools function and the emphasis on reliable IT support for primary schools.

When the technology performs properly, everything is fine. Unfortunately, far too frequently, the IT systems in primary schools are a source of frustration and disruption. Slow devices, jammed printers, malfunctioning interactive whiteboards, unreliable broadband and Wi-Fi, expired software licences – all real life challenges that conspire to prevent teachers from teaching and learners from learning.

Primary schools are unique places, establishing the foundations for future learning and growth. The experience a child has in primary school can have a huge impact on how they perceive and engage in education for the rest of their life. This is a huge responsibility for primary schools, especially when there is such a reliance on IT systems to deliver so many aspects of school life. With IT embedded in the curriculum, the pressure is on to ensure your IT infrastructure is up to the challenge.

IT Support for Primary Schools Solutions

Engaging the services of an IT support provider for your primary school relieves this pressure. It allows your team the freedom to focus on fulfilling your primary school’s educational objectives and to achieve better outcomes for your pupils.

At Platform 365 for Education, we have 15 years of experience of providing business class IT support to our highly satisfied clients. You can trust our team to remove the obstacles from your technology.

Experience shows that every primary school is different and there are far too many variables for a “packaged IT support contract” to be viable. This is why there are no off the shelf packages at Platform 365, our IT support services are tailored to your exact requirements.

Factors like the physical attributes of the school building, the number of pupils on the roll, the level of IT expertise of the school team, future development plans and, not forgetting, the budget. There is so much to consider that the only real solution to meet your current and future needs is a flexible tailored IT support service. This is what you get with a bespoke IT support services from Platform 365 for Education. Our objective is to remove any obstacles in your IT set up that stand in the way of your key objective – the development of children. View our testimonials.

Fast Facts:

  • Secure, reliable network solutions
  • Flexible, onsite support when you need it
  • Friendly, proactive remote Service Desk team
  • Money saving, impartial procurement process
  • Simple, seamless transition from your existing supplier
  • Collaborative planning for strategic school development
  • Broadband, Wifi, security, mobile device and AV provision
  • Microsoft, Google and MIS cloud-based solutions
  • Business-class support with educational expertise

IT Support For Primary Schools

For an overview of what Platform 365 for Education can deliver for you please view our online interactive brochure.

Our IT Support Service for Primary Schools Includes:

IT Support For Primary Schools

Comprehensive onboarding process

online support

Unlimited onsite support as standard

IT support

UK based service desk

cyber security

Cybersecurity solutions and support

IT Support For Primary Schools

Software licence management

hardware software procurement

Hardware and software procurement

mobile device

Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Off-site backup solutions

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