Don’t wait until your data is lost to find out how much it is worth

Managed Backups

Hosted IT Backup & Recovery-as-a-Service provides a fully managed solution that delivers on-site hardware and off-site data storage and replication, all paid for on a monthly basis.

Data is the life blood of business. Secure offsite online data backup is a fundamental requirement in today’s world of external & internal IT threats and recognition of the need for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Your backups are kept on site on a dedicated encrypted server. We also backup your data to a secure data centre. This means you’re covered if you face a disaster that affects your office location.

Most of the time, our reasons for restoring client data are not as dramatic as a disaster scenario. Often it is simply due to human error such as clients inadvertently deleting data. No matter what the reason, having a backup is essential to the continuity of your business.

As part of our fail safe service our technicians proactively monitor the entire backup process and carry out test restores to ensure things are working as expected.

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Services included:

  • End to end data encryption;
  • Monitoring & test restores of your backups by our in-house team.
  • Support for a wide range of operating systems, applications & data
  • Extensive disaster recovery and business continuity options
  • Any time recovery, 24x7x365
  • High availability, instantly scalable
  • Bare-metal restoration
  • Incremental backups

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Are you prepared if the worst happens? Are you in a position to carry out a fast, full system recovery to get your business back up and running quickly?

The importance of proper planning and preparation to protect your IT infrastructure against major disruption is becoming ever more important, as organisations become increasingly reliant on their systems and cannot afford downtime. Disruption can have a negative impact on the productivity and credibility of your organisation and ultimately result in a loss of business.

Platform 365 have vast experience in planning, implementing and maintaining bespoke DR & BCP solutions for both Corporate and SME clients alike.

From simple off-site backup solutions to complex multi system recovery plans Platform 365 can provide the solution that best fits your business and budget.

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Services included:

Disaster Recovery

  • Full disaster recovery audits
  • Recovery planning & documentation
  • Annual testing

Business Continuity

  • Backup solutions
  • Fail-over solutions
  • Hardware resilience
  • Continuity plans
  • Business Email Continuity
  • Audit planning & support
  • Annual testing

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