Open the potential of Microsoft 365

Most organisations using Microsoft products are not getting the most out of their subscriptions. Some will be paying for items that they are not using, and many are simply not capitalising on the functionality to get the best possible outcomes and enable their teams to be more efficient and collaborative. Particularly when teams can be spread across multiple locations.

With so much to offer, Microsoft 365 can seem to the untrained eye, very confusing. Yes, we are all comfortable with using Outlook, Word and Excel but there is so much more to a Microsoft 365 subscription that doesn’t get utilised.

To unlock the full potential, to improve efficiency and productivity in the way your team works and collaborates on projects, Platform 365 has the expertise and experience to transform your everyday working practices and take full advantage of all that Microsoft 365 has to offer.

Microsoft 365 suite

Various Microsoft application suite options, to meet your needs and budget.


From using SharePoint & Teams to sharing mailboxes, calendars & contacts


Pay for what you use with licence subscription charged per user, per month.

Work anywhere

Access email, documents and all applications from anywhere with internet connectivity

Reliable & secure

With robust security measures, Microsoft 365 offers tier-1 security features as standard.

How we can help you

Whatever the size of your business the same principles apply. We will take a deep dive into your use of Microsoft 365 and your business needs.

We do this by:

  • Carrying out a discovery workshop to gather information on the Microsoft 365 applications and services you currently use.
  • Review your Microsoft 365 tenant to confirm which key features are enabled and configured correctly, including security.
  • Export a list of users and review to ensure only valid accounts are assigned.
  • Review if the level of licenses used are appropriate for your size and requirements to ascertain where cost savings can be made.
  • Review if a different license term would be a better fit for your requirements, savings can be made by changing contract terms.
  • Review if all staff require the same license bundle as there could be a more affordable license that covers their roles.
  • Look into the overall use of your subscriptions to ascertain if there is any functionality that would benefit your business that is not utilised or used correctly.

Managed subscriptions

By using Platform 365 to manage your subscriptions, we will ensure you are only paying for what you use and need. Our team, via our ServiceDesk system will manage your starters/leavers and changing business requirements to ensure your subscriptions are updated accordingly. By providing you with monthly lists you will be able to see who is using what and how much it is costing your business.

Microsoft 365 solutions

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Platform 365 can plan, implement and manage a migration to the full range of Microsoft 365 productivity solutions. By partnering with an experienced IT support provider you can ensure your business will maximise the rewards from this powerful tool.

Microsoft-Certified partner

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