Do you provide support for Apple devices?

Yes, we support all makes of hardware.

We have been let down by previous IT providers, how can we be sure that Platform 365 are the right choice.

Unfortunately you cannot be 100% sure until you start using us but our clients are always happy to discuss their experience of us before you make the decision.

What geographical area do Platform 365 cover?

Anywhere, we have engineers located throughout the UK

How do I contact Platform 365 when I need help?

You can contact us via telephone on 020 3929 9365 or e-mail

How long will it take for Platform 365 to respond?

For non-critical calls our average response time is 14 minutes. For critical calls it is 6 minutes, although in this instance we would normally know there is a problem before you do.

How many times can I call the service desk?

As many times as you like, all our clients enjoy unlimited remote and on-site support.

Will you have access to my device at all times?

No, we can only access your device when you allow us to.

Do we have to wait for Platform 365 to visit our office before a fault is fixed?

No, 98% of calls logged are fixed remotely.

Can Platform 365 support my overseas offices?

Yes, we currently support offices in Singapore, Canada, Japan & Australia.

Can I cancel my contract at any time?

Yes, we only require one month’s notice.

Can I add additional devices throughout the term of my contract?

Yes, you can add extra devices at any time during the contract, so that any new equipment is immediately covered.

Where would our systems be hosted?

Our data centre is located at East India Dock, London, E14.

Can I be sure that my data is secure?

Yes, our data centre is ISO 27001 accredited.

Can I retrieve my data whenever I need to?

Yes, it’s your data and therefore your property.

Will I still need to pay for software licences if I reduce my head-count?

No, you are invoiced monthly so you only pay for what you use.

Do we have to wait for a scheduled day to receive on-site support?

No, as standard if a call requires an on-site presence we will have an engineer with you next working day.

What happens if I have an issue but I am unavailable for someone to log-on to fix?

We can schedule a time that suits your availability.

We don’t just need support, we need advice so we can plan for the future?

Ongoing strategic planning is inclusive with all our support contracts.

We use a mixture of Audio Visual products, can they all be supported?

Yes, we have a number of schools that we look after all using a variety of solutions.

If you would like to find out more please call us on 020 3929 9360