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IT Support

IT Support

Constantly frustrated by the ineffectiveness of your IT?


IT Support for Schools

Looking for A*, cost effective, strategic and business class IT support for your school?


Cyber Security Services

Feeling vulnerable to a breach of your cyber security?

Hardware & Software Procurement

Hardware & Software Procurement

Lacking strategy and expertise when buying hardware and software?


Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Looking to take advantage of the cloud to improve your business?



Want to minimise the risk from security breaches?

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Want to improve efficiency and productivity in the way your team works and collaborates on projects?


IT Connectivity

Missing out on speed and reliability in the “always on” digital world?

Disaster Recover & Backup

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Unsure how your business would survive a disaster, accident or intentional hack?

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

Stressing about the impact of a potential hardware failure?

Why choose Platform 365 for your IT support?

The good, the bad and the ugly

“We cut our teeth in IT support working in the corporate world and since 2005 we have taken the best of what we experienced and applied it to Platform 365. The bad and the ugly have been banished from our world!”
Mark and Rob, Directors, Platform 365

A simple philosophy

Solving your IT support problems isn’t rocket science. It simply involves having the expertise and experience to prioritise the issue in the right way and allocate the right resource to the right problem. We have invested heavily in our team, because they are the key to our success. We have the right people in place to overcome your IT challenges. It’s a rare combination but they know their stuff and how to communicate with clients.

Forget the shallow messages and broken promises

Worthless response times, baffling performance statistics and an overload of scary acronyms – all designed to keep IT support shrouded in complexity! Throw tardy communication and missed deadlines into the mix and it’s very easy to understand why organisations are wary when it comes to IT support providers. We guarantee that our information is meaningful and our promises kept.

The bottom line

We retain 99% of our clients and 95% of our new business comes from client referral. A client-focused approach sets us apart from our competitors and the quality of our team keeps us there. If you would like to experience a different approach to the provision of your IT support services get in touch.

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